Top 8 Belly Fat Burning Exercises You Must Follow


Belly Fat Burning Exercises

One of the most embarrassing issues a person faces is the belly fat. Of course, taking that fat-laden tummy at any event is quite and embarrassing moment. The worst part is, once the belly fat starts showing up, it becomes really difficult to get into the position. However, fat belly is also the sign that you need a heavy dose of regular workout that will help in keeping your body in shape. To create, lean or rock-hard waist, you need to follow hard belly fat exercise for the long term. Whether you need a six-pack ab or flat belly, regular belly fat burning exercises are really essential to follow.

In the beginning, you may find hard to follow the workout regime. So seeking the assistance of professional trainer will help in getting the best result.  Belly fat burning exercises won’t take a lot of your time.

Why belly fat is dangerous?

Belly fat is basically the accumulation of fat around the belly region. If the belly size keeps increasing, then it can lead to some internal health issues.

Belly fat can lead to cholesterol, heart attack and other issues.  According to the research performed at the European Society for Cardiology shows that adults carrying normal body mass index and extra fatty belly had 79 percent risk of cardiovascular events.

This is certainly not a good sign for those who carry heavy belly fat. So performing regular belly fat workout will really help.

Causes of belly fat are

There are many reasons why belly fat increases over a period of time. Some of the common causes are-

  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Over Eating
  • Hormonal changes
  • Too much alcohol intake

Top belly fat burning exercises-

To bring down the belly fat, there are some fat burning exercises that you need to follow regularly.

If you are new into this then seeking trainer assistance will help in getting the right result. Or the best is to watch YouTube videos.

Here are a few top belly fat burning exercises to follow-

1. Reverse Crunches-

These are strength training exercises helping to tone and tighten the muscles of belly once the fat is lost.

How to perform?

Lie on the floor with legs fully extended and arms to the side of the torso with palms on the floor. Move your legs slowly in the air and thigh are perpendicular to the floor and feet are together. Continue this activity 10 times in two sets.

reverse-crunch exercise

2. Standing Side Bend-

This belly fat burning exercise is the powerful one to exercise and helps in reducing the waist and belly fat.

How to perform?

Stand vertically with legs stretched aside. With dumbbells in the hand hold them in the hand for at least 15 sec on each side.

3. Double Crunches

This is the most effective belly fat burning exercise because it affects all surrounding areas of the belly.

How to perform?

Lie on the back with ankles crossed together and hand bound at your ears. Now bend knees 90 degrees almost touching the ground floor. Crunch up by raising knees at the chest to at least 10-15 times. Perform this task for two times.

4. Mountain Climber-

For this belly fat workout method, think of the mountain climber as the moving plank. This is somewhat difficult to perform but also helps in keeping your body stable and straight every time you lift a foot off the floor.

How to perform?

Get into the pushup position with your hands below the shoulders and body forming a straight line from head to heels.

Live your right foot off the floor, drive the right knee towards the right foot and return to the starting position. Alternatively, work on your legs with each repetition.

5. Medicine Ball Slam-

The medicine ball slam required all the major muscles between neck and hips to work together. In case, if you pick up the pace, then you will elevate the heart rate and burn serious belly flab. You don’t have to increase the weight of the ball. A 3-kilo medicine ball is enough to work.

How to do it?

Hold the ball above the head with feet shoulder-wide apart. Now slam the ball on the floor with more force. Perform this activity 5-10 times.

6. Twist Crunches-

This is the similar way of performing crunches, effecting belly area heavy. For this belly fat burning exercise, you don’t heavy tools.

How to perform?

Lie flat on the floor and keep your hands behind your heads. As your legs are towards the floor, lift the upper torso of the right leg and move the right shoulder towards the left torso. Similarly, perform the action with the left shoulder and right torso. Experience the crunch feeling in your abdominal area.

7. Dumbbell Overhead Lunge-

Adding dumbbell overhead during the lunge will help in having core chiseler. During this belly fat burning exercise the load shifts in every muscle in your torso and keep the weight directly above you. This move also helps in engaging your back and butt.

How to perform?

For this, grab a pair of medium or lightweight dumbbells. Now press them overhead as your palms face each other. Makes sure during this you don’t scrunch your shoulders up by your ears. Now step forward into the lunge position, and bring back your leg forward to step your feet together. Also, put your alternate legs forward.

8. Rolling Plank-

For this belly fat workout activity, you need to have better stable performance.

How to perform?

Take the position on your knees and elbows. Now lift your knees by supporting your legs on toes. This is plank pose and stays for at least 30 secs.


Performing belly fat burning exercise requires enough straight and patience. Don’t be under the impression that you will witness changes within fortnight during the workout session. The changes will happen after months or regular workout and more importantly consuming the right diet. Seek the assistance of dietician for more information on diet for belly fat burning.

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