Cleft Lip – Know All About It!


cleft lip
Cleft lip is an oral and oral malformation that happens in the first phases of pregnancy, once the fetus is still growing in the mother’s womb. The lips aren’t formed correctly since the tissue that’s in charge of their formation doesn’t fully develop before the infant is born.

This contributes to a gap at the top lip. The gap could be little or extended into the border of their nose. Sometimes, the slit is located at the center of the cheeks, or on either side of their lips.

Generally, surgery is done to resolve the cleft lip, which makes it feasible for your child to lead a healthy and normal life.


Normally, the creation of this cleft lip is an interaction between environmental and genetic variables. Odds are that infants born with this flaw might have a relative with the exact same issue.

A Few Other causes include:

Particular drugs absorbed during pregnancy
Exposure to viruses or chemicals whereas the fetus is still growing in the uterus
Underlying medical conditions

Children with cleft lip could possess the following complications:

May face problem in feeding on the mother’s breasts
Ear illnesses Which May cause reduction of hearing
Cosmetic issues arise if the gap goes into the top gum
Speech issues
behavioral, behavioral and social issues might arise in children because of differences from the way they look, in comparison with other ordinary kids


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