Different Types of Stress an Individual can face


We as a human being come across different types of mental stress due to personal and professional issues. These types of stress issues can further create a problem in life. There are many unfortunate cases where the individual can also lose the life.

According to Dr. Vipul Tyagi, the leading psychiatrist in Delhi-NCR, stress management can be a complicated issue and the person may face different types of stress including- Acute Stress, Physical stress, Emotional stress, etc.

In India, the number of mental stress cases is increasing rapidly. This is why the individual needs to work upon the symptoms of stress that can help in bringing down the issue.

This article presents you with different types of stress an individual can face-

  • Acute Stress-

    Acute stress

This is the most common form of stress an individual can face. The major reason behind this stress is due to demands and pressure of the recent past and future.

A person may think a lot about the past and future which eventually leads to acute stress. Many fail to find the symptom of this stress, but few are able to recognize.

Some of the common symptoms are- Emotional distress, physical pain, and mental distress.

  • Episodic Acute Stress-

This type of stress is faced by people undergoing acute stress and living the life of chaos. They are always on the rush, but end up being late.

People with episodic acute stress are over-aroused, short-tempered, irritable, anxious and tensed.

According to D. Vipul Tyagi, people with episodic acute stress are the excessive competitive drive, aggressiveness, impatience, and a harrying sense of time urgency.

So if you witness any of these symptoms, then you are definitely going through Episodic Acute Stress.

  • Physical Stress-

    Physical stress

This is the most common type of stress a person can face. This can be due to extreme physical work pressure which can create acute pain in the body.

Labors and those who have fieldwork are common patients of physical stress. If the individual faces this issue and no medication is done, it can lead to mental stress too.

Physical stress can also be due to- fewer hours of sleep, spending too many hours on your feet or working long hours.

  • Emotional Stress-

    Emotional stress

This is yet another common type of stress after physical stress. People who faced intense breakup or facing family issues are the one who undergoes emotional stress.

It is quite common to depression, where the symptoms are similar. Many people also face emotional stress after a severe accident.

  • Traumatic Stress-

    Traumatic stress

Similar to emotional stress, traumatic stress is related to a tragic event that can lead to stress.

It can also happen when the person faces some kind of intense pain or coma in the body. It is generally related to some kind of physical change happening in the body.

If the person faces a car accident or severe burn, then it can lead to traumatic stress.


Stress can create havoc in a person’s life, causing sickness and tiredness. Seeking instant medical attention is really important to overcome the issue and have a peaceful life.



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