8 Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period


It is often seen that when a woman, after her marriage, or before marriage misses her monthly period, it is considered as the women are pregnant.

However, this is not entirely true or is the only symptoms of being pregnant.

According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, the best gynecologist in Indirapuram, it is not necessary that the missing period could only because of pregnancy, there could other reasons too. Mentioned below are some early pregnancy symptoms before missed period:

Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

8-Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

  1. Nausea:

Morning sickness or nausea which can strike any day can also be the symptom of pregnancy.

Nausea usually happens when the stems from rapidly rising levels of estrogen and progesterone causing the stomach to empty more slowly.

To overcome the issue, speak to the doctor who will advise some medication to overcome then nausea issue and if it hints towards pregnancy.

  1. Swollen Breast:

If you feel your boobs are sensitive for some time, it can be the sign of pregnancy.

If you get the difference when your boobs are swollen during period and pregnancy, then it can help you to find the result.

During the three weeks of pregnancy, there are hormonal changes affecting the tenderness of the breasts. In many cases, they can even make you fuller or heavier.

  1. Fatigue:

If you normally feel dizziness or fatigue lately, then you might be pregnant.

The progesterone level increases during sleepiness, which usually soars up during pregnancy.

Doctors after initial examination will give the final confirmation that you are pregnant.

  1. Slight Bleeding:

Lately, if you have been noticing bleeding in your vaginal part, it’s not due to period, but could be the pregnancy symptom.

This is implantation bleeding that happens when fertilized eggs attach to the uterus after 14 days. During this period, the woman would feel bleeding.

So contact your doctor to get the proper examination of it.

  1. Mood Swings:

This is the common symptom of pregnancy. If you think that lately, the sign of mood swings has increased than be prepared to know that you are pregnant.

The excess flow of hormones in the body during early pregnancy makes the women feel emotional and weepy.

In fact, many women face mood swings during the early pregnancy period.

  1. Constipation:

If you are facing trouble in passing stools in the past few days, and if everything looks fine, then you might be pregnant.

This is because there is an increase in progesterone causing the slow passing of food waste through the intestine.

As a part of medication, you much add fiber to your diet helping the food to pass through systems.

  1. Change in the Food Habit:

There will be a slight change in the food habit. In fact, you may end up eating more than usual and crave for more food. This is also a sign of pregnancy.

  1. Frequent Urination:

If you are six weeks pregnant, then frequent urination is what you will experience.

So whenever, you are opting out, make sure to empty your bladder and drink more fluid throughout the day.

Don’t hold up the urine for long, which can effect in your pregnancy.
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