16 Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period


early pregnancy symptoms before missed period – It is often seen that when a woman, after her marriage, or before marriage misses her monthly period, it is considered as the women are pregnant.

However, this is not entirely true or is the only symptoms of being pregnant.

According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, the best gynecologist in Indirapuram, it is not necessary that the missing period could only because of pregnancy, there could other reasons too. Mentioned below are some early pregnancy symptoms before missed period:

Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

16-Early Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

1. Nausea:

Morning sickness or nausea which can strike any day can also be the symptom of pregnancy.

Nausea usually happens when the stems from rapidly rising levels of estrogen and progesterone causing the stomach to empty more slowly.

To overcome the issue, speak to the doctor who will advise some medication to overcome then nausea issue and if it hints towards pregnancy.

2. Swollen Breast:

If you feel your boobs are sensitive for some time, it can be the sign of pregnancy.

If you get the difference when your boobs are swollen during period and pregnancy, then it can help you to find the result.

During the three weeks of pregnancy, there are hormonal changes affecting the tenderness of the breasts. In many cases, they can even make you fuller or heavier.

3. Fatigue:

If you normally feel dizziness or fatigue lately, then you might be pregnant.

The progesterone level increases during sleepiness, which usually soars up during pregnancy.

Doctors after initial examination will give the final confirmation that you are pregnant.

4. Slight Bleeding:

Lately, if you have been noticing bleeding in your vaginal part, it’s not due to period, but could be the pregnancy symptom.

This is implantation bleeding that happens when fertilized eggs attach to the uterus after 14 days. During this period, the woman would feel bleeding.

So contact your doctor to get the proper examination of it.

5. Mood Swings:

This is the common symptom of pregnancy. If you think that lately, the sign of mood swings has increased than be prepared to know that you are pregnant.

The excess flow of hormones in the body during early pregnancy makes the women feel emotional and weepy.

In fact, many women face mood swings during the early pregnancy period.

6. Constipation:

If you are facing trouble in passing stools in the past few days, and if everything looks fine, then you might be pregnant.

This is because there is an increase in progesterone causing the slow passing of food waste through the intestine.

As a part of medication, you much add fiber to your diet helping the food to pass through systems.

7. Change in the Food Habit:

There will be a slight change in the food habit. In fact, you may end up eating more than usual and crave for more food. This is also a sign of pregnancy.

8. Frequent Urination:

If you are six weeks pregnant, then frequent urination is what you will experience.

So whenever, you are opting out, make sure to empty your bladder and drink more fluid throughout the day.

Don’t hold up the urine for long, which can effect in your pregnancy.

9. Exhaustion and Fatigue:

Hormonal changes make you feel exhausted and exhausted all the time. Exhaustions and sleepiness are early signs of becoming pregnant.

It’s normal to feel tired after doing little chores. Progesterone levels must be blamed for a heightened trend to sleep and can continue through the whole first trimester.

The body also generates more blood to encourage the developing fetus which contributes to increased fatigue.

It can counter this with a Nutritious Diet Full of vitamins, minerals, iron and plenty of fluids

10. Bloating and a Sense of Tightness:

Among the most frequently experienced signs of pregnancy before the missed period is bloating or gut twinges and brings.

These are a consequence of an increase in fertility. The greater amount of hormones interrupts digestion, trapping gas in the gut.

A protruding belly could tighten garments around the waist and cause distress. Bloating can lead to disagreeable farts and burps.

Healthful eating and controlled parts of food intake might assist in coping with any distress.

11. Dizziness:

Dizziness and a feeling of light-headedness is an early symptom of pregnancy that occurs in many expecting moms.

Blood vessels dilate, thus causing a decrease in blood pressure which contributes to a sense of dizziness and imbalance.

The symptom continues through the first trimester and slowly declines from the other stages.

But if nausea is accompanied by vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, then you need to immediately consult with a physician.

12. Aches and Pains:

Hormones perform the job of earning space for your new life in you and this affects the ligaments that will need to extend.

Stretching of joints and ligaments could lead to pain at the spinal region until you miss your period.

13. Strange Taste in the Mouth:

Hormones could play odd games and you’ll probably end up feeling a strange, embarrassing flavor in your mouth.

You might feel you’ve swallowed any unsavory metal. This metallic flavor may well be an early sign to inform you that you have begun your journey.

The symptom normally disappears after the first trimester but may last longer in certain girls.

14. Short Pants:

Shortness of breath might be an early indication of pregnancy because the body requires more blood and oxygen to breathe for 2 lifetimes.

This continues throughout all trimesters with the developing baby and the demand for more oxygen and nourishment.

15. Areas, Acne and Bumps:

An occasional event of eczema and psoriasis is not uncommon throughout the pre-menstrual period.

Sudden sprouts might be the consequence of an increase in hormone levels following conception. The reverse could occur as well.

Pregnancy can reverse the incidence of acne before your time and it might be an indication that a baby is on the road.

16. Bizarre Dreams:

Vivid fantasies could be widespread during the first weeks of pregnancy before you’ve missed your time.

A strange pregnancy symptom, a lot of women experience odd feelings a week or 2 weeks after conception.

Pregnancy hormones operate awkward inducing inexplicable fantasies and illusions within an expectant mom.

How long could I get pregnancy symptoms until I miss my period?

Some girls experience frequent early pregnancy symptoms such as tender breasts, nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to odor, or tingling in days after conception, or on a week-and-a-half before it schedules your period to arrive.

Other symptoms, such as nasal frequency, might not appear till around the time that the period’s supposed to make its appearance.

You might not detect or be able to confirm additional early pregnancy symptoms — such as changes on your areolas, a constantly creamy vaginal discharge, along with an elevated BBT — for a couple weeks. And keep in mind, lots of women do not encounter any of these signs.

What is the distinction between pregnancy symptoms and PMS?

Most early pregnancy symptoms before your period are like the unwanted effects of PMS. However, you will only detect changes on your areolas (they will seem darker, wider and bumpy) if you are pregnant.

A constantly elevated BBT and creamy vaginal discharge post-ovulation will also be both comparatively dependable signals of conception, but they are definitely not fool-proof.

The only way to understand whether additional early pregnancy symptoms (nausea, tender breasts, fatigue, nausea, nausea to odor, etc.) are because of an infant or PMS would be to hold out till it is possible to have a pregnancy test.

How long once I begin feeling pregnancy symptoms do I take a house pregnancy test?

Even though you might begin to undergo early pregnancy symptoms before your period, the majority of women need to wait an average of fourteen days in the time they ovulate to get a positive home pregnancy test outcome.

Home pregnancy tests measure levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This placenta-produced hormone gets its way to your urine nearly instantly following an embryo starts implanting on your uterus, involving six to 12 days following fertilization.

It is possible to begin utilizing most home pregnancy tests the moment hCG can be detected in your urine – and hCG levels normally are not enough to be picked up with a house pregnancy test until your period is anticipated.

Can not wait till then? Some HPTs guarantee 60 to 75 percent precision four to five times before you expect your period.

Wait till your interval and the speed jumps to 90 percent; wait a second week and the results are 99% accurate.

Know false negatives are considerably more common than false positives, thus if the time to the time comes and goes with no monthly stream, check out with your healthcare provider. In any event, you will want to get a blood test to verify your pregnancy position.

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