Early Pregnancy Test Everything You Need To Know


Early pregnancy test

Early Pregnancy Test Everything You Need To Know

For some women, pregnancies happen by chance. However, the others try to conceive intentionally. In the latter case usually, the woman may be aware of different kinds of pregnancy tests available.

Most of these tests can detect the pregnancy a few days prior to the period is due. Just because you have the option of doing an early pregnancy test should you do it. Let us consider a few points some against and some for about this test says, Dr. Garima Tyagi.

Some pros of early pregnancy test

Home pregnancy kits are generally used by women for this kind of test. This can let you know if you are really pregnant during that specific menstrual cycle. The positive results for being pregnant can be got before 4-5 days the period is due.

This implies that you need not wait for a missed period to know if you are pregnant or not. For people trying to conceive a positive result may give an amazing feeling.

Earlier you know about a pregnancy the better. Those on drugs and medications can stop taking them on time because these may be harmful to the fetus.

Even smokers and alcohol consumers can stop this habit at the earliest to keep the baby healthy. This is also advised by experts and the best doctors.

Also, such early pregnancy tests may be helpful for people who do not want to have a baby. The birth control measure may have failed and the woman would want to know if she got pregnant.

In case of a positive result, she can resort to some safe methods of getting rid of the fetus in time. Otherwise, at a later stage, only abortion would have been the choice. This may be harmful to health too.

In all these cases early pregnancy test results work in their favor.

A few cons of the early pregnancy test

Usually, the early pregnancy test is done using the home pregnancy kit. This is not 100% reliable. So this implies that you may get a negative pregnancy result even though you are pregnant.

This usually can occur for women whose menstrual cycle is not consistent in length. Women who do not intend to become pregnant may get a false relief which can be broken in a few days. The necessary steps to be taken to avoid an abortion will be missed now.

Sometimes women get chemical pregnancies which eventually lead to miscarriages but do not get easily noticed. But with an early pregnancy test, these can be detected and give a positive result of being pregnant.

Even this can bring in false hope and despair. This may make the woman stressful or depressed which is not good for the overall health of the lady.

Waiting until your missed period to do the pregnancy test you can avoid such despair and the result will also be more reliable.  The chance of having false hope and then sadness can be avoided this way.

Of course, every woman is different and each woman can decide when she needs to become a mother. So according to your situation, you can take an early pregnancy test.

In case you do not get the desired result you can always consult an expert or a gynecologist. Why not pick one of the top gynecologists in your town for consultation and know about pregnancy in detail if you are a first timer.

Usually, this is the norm so even if you have done an early pregnancy test and got the positive result you need to go to a gynec in a few days to confirm the pregnancy. Also doing some other tests may ensure that your baby is healthy and sound.
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