Foods you should Avoid Eating during Pregnancy


what not to eat during pregnancy
Congratulations on being pregnant. So the new journey to motherhood had begun, but it has also invited new rules of food consumption.

These 9 months of pregnancy is the most crucial phase of your life. You need to very careful in terms of food you need to consume and not.

Right from the first visit to Gynecologist to delivery, you are given a list of what not to eat during pregnancy. According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, consumption of food during pregnancy should be restricted to a certain level to avoid getting complications during the course of pregnancy.

Every food you consume should carry a good amount of protein, calcium, carbohydrate and all other minerals that could benefit both mothers and yet to be born kid.

This article will present you with the list of foods that you must avoid consuming during pregnancy-

If you are addicted to caffeine, then it’s time to ditch it. It may be difficult but will have to avoid the consumption to get your pregnancy in trouble.

There are many cases where coffee has led to miscarriage and other issues. According to one study, 200 milligrams of caffeine throughout the day, has twice increased the chance of miscarriage.

Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests drinking decaffeinated beverages, especially during the first trimester.

  • Soft Cheeses:

Cheese carries unpasteurized and contaminated with listeria. These soft games of chess have fear factor because they’re not aged during which generally the bacteria is killed naturally.

Moreover, if pregnant women have a low immune system, then soft cheese can be much more dangerous.

  • Meat-

When it comes to meat, there are different types which you must avoid consuming. Pregnant women should avoid consuming seafood and rare undercooked beef or even poultry.

There is a high risk of contamination with bacteria and salmonella. Deli meat, on the other hand, is known to be contaminated with listeria.

This causes miscarriage. It is known to cross placentas which will later infect the baby. Also, there are certain types of fish used in sushi should be avoided.

This is because of high levels of mercury. In fact, these types of meat fall under the top category of what not to eat during pregnancy.

  • Smoked Seafood:

Refrigerated and smoked seafood is labeled as jerky which should be avoided due to the contamination of listeria. This seafood falls under the category of the deli. However, doctors do recommend shelf-safe smoked seafood.

  • Raw Shellfish:

If you are a great fan of raw shellfish, then you need to give a break. Undercooked shellfish include oysters, clams, and mussels. Raw shellfish poses a great concern for everybody and should be avoided during the period of pregnancy.

  • Packaged Foods:

This is a big no when it comes to what not to eat during pregnancy. Processed foods are unhygienic and carry the huge source of the sugary item that would lead to health issues to both mother and the baby.

Especially, if you are including buffets and salad which carry the high risk of listeria contamination, then avoid adding in your food list.

  • Unpasteurized milk:

If you are drinking milk, then make sure to drink only pasteurized or ultra-heated milk. Unpasteurized milk is unhealthy. These unpasteurized milk carry a high risk of listeria contamination.

  • Alcohol:

If you are attending any party where alcohol is served, make sure you don’t even think of trying.

Prenatal exposure to alcohol interferes with the healthy development of the baby. Depending on the amount and timing of use, alcohol consumption during pregnancy will lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


During the pregnancy period, it is very important that you take proper care of self, especially in terms of food.

To have a proper diet program, it is better to create a list of what not to eat during pregnancy, which will help in taking proper care of self in terms of diet.

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