Top 6 Foods To Eat When Pregnant First Trimester


foods to eat when pregnant first trimester

Top 6 foods to eat when the pregnant first trimester

Pregnancy is the period when the body of a woman undergoes a radical transformation. It is the time when a woman has a craving for a wide variety of food.

 But it is imperative that you must know which foods to avoid and which foods to eat when pregnant first trimester of your pregnancy.

Proper diet is necessary during the entire pregnancy period but during the first trimester, it is crucial to provide proper nutrition to the growing fetus.

During the first trimester, a balanced diet is important; foods high in protein, folic acid, iron, calcium, and omega should in your diet plan.
The best thing is to follow the diet plan created by Dr. Garima Tyagi, best Gynecologist in Indirapuram. She recommends a healthy diet plan for women on their trimester pregnancy period.

Take Three Meals a Day:

Morning sickness is an obvious thing every woman more or fewer experiences. This morning sickness must not create any obstacle in consuming healthy foods.

To deal with nausea, banana can do magic. It is an amazing source of Vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber and potassium.

Eating meals thrice a day during the first trimester supplies adequate nutrition to the body. The meals must comprise of vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy product, whole grain, and animal protein. You must not skip your meals during the scheduled period.

Must-Have Foods:

There are certain foods to eat when pregnant first trimester which you must eat regularly during the first trimester. Let’s take a look at the list of foods and how it works:

green leafy vegetables rich in folate, manganese, fiber, iron and vitamin A, C & K. During the early months of pregnancy adequate supply of folate is required to avert neutral tube imperfection of the fetus.

You can add a handful of spinach in the scrambled egg, or you can even combine it with vegetables to gain more protein and vitamin.

An outstanding source of fiber and protein. During pregnancy, beans help in dealing with constipation.

Moreover, adding beans in trimester diet will also help in developing muscles and tissues of the baby. You can make Lentil soup and also add them to salads or burgers.

Red bell peppers:
red bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. It is vitamin C which is accountable for the development as well as the repair of tissues in the body of a pregnant woman.  So, add red bell peppers to your salad regularly.

Nuts are known for protein value which is really helpful in the growth of the baby. Moreover, it also helps in adding protein in pregnant women.

To consume nuts, soak them overnight to consume the next day. You can even add cereal, ice cream or yogurt.

 Yogurt is great to include in the diet. It contains calcium and vitamins D, highly essential for the bone development of the baby.

It will also help pregnant women to have a healthy diet plan. You can add yogurt to mixed fruits. Also, you can freeze it and mix it with chocolate chips.

Including chicken in diet during trimester pregnancy will help to gain enough iron. Iron helps in making red blood cells, which are important for both the mother and the baby. You can prepare chicken soup or even consume with salads.  


It is highly recommended that you must develop the habit of a healthy diet before you conceive. Eating healthy food before conceiving will keep you hale & hearty.

Make sure to avoid fast foods or processed foods during the pregnancy period which will help in keeping the baby inside you safe.

The first trimester is a crucial period; you must stick to a good & healthy eating regime. The food you consume during the first trimester must provide adequate fat, protein, carbohydrate, and necessary nutrients to your body.



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