Pregnancy Diet: What To Eat During Pregnancy


What To Eat During Pregnancy

Pregnant women must ensure that their diet is offering sufficient nutrients and energy for the growing baby. According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad, pregnant women must also make sure that their body is healthy to make the required changes.

The mother’s diet requires to be nutritious and balanced for the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Also, they must consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Hence, pregnant women must follow a balanced, varied and nutritious diet.

What To Eat During Pregnancy

Fruits and vegetables

You can have five portions of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Experts say that the eating fruit is better as compared to taking juices as juices can increase the sugar level. You can go for vegetable juices such as carrot.


Animal-based protein is lean meat, fish, egg, and chicken. Vegan pregnant women can have quinoa as it includes all the essential amino acids. You can also go for soy and tofu products. Lentils, beans, legumes, seeds, buts are the rich source of proteins.

Starchy carbohydrate-rich foods

the starchy carbohydrate foods contain pasta, rice, potatoes, and bread. Carbohydrate is a rich source of energy for pregnant women.


Your food must contain no more than 30 percent fat. There must be the right balance of mono-saturated and omega 3 fatty acids. The foods that are rich in mono-saturated fats are peanut oil, olive oil, canola oil, avocados, and seeds.


 Wholegrain foods like wild rice, wholemeal bread, wholegrain pasta, lentils, and pulses are rich in fiber. You must eat sufficient fiber as pregnant women are at a higher risk of having constipation.


You must take calcium on a daily basis. You must consume cheese, yogurt, and milk. You can also consume plant milk and juices, soybeans, broccoli, okra, Chinese cabbage, and soy nuts.


 It is a trace element. It plays an important role in growth and cell division. It helps in the development of the fetus.


It plays a major role in the formation of hemoglobin. It carries oxygen to all the parts of the body. If iron stores are inadequate, there is a greater risk of the preterm baby, low-weight baby, stillbirth, irritability, tiredness, and depression.

Folic Acid-

Folic acid is found in the food, which helps a lot in the development of the brain and bone of the child who is born. It is not so easy to meet the folic acid content of just the right foods.

That’s why doctors say 400 microform folic acid tablets before eating it every day before being proud.

 Whole grains-

Grain gives strength to the body. It cures a lack of fiber, iron, and vitamin-B in the body. For any pregnant woman, more than half of carbohydrate deficiency can be complete with grains. There are some good food items made from cereals – banana, wheat made pasta or bread, brown rice, etc.

Dairy Products-

3-4 times a day consuming dairy products or milk products is very important in pregnancy. Dairy products get Calcium, Protein and Vitamin D from the body. There are some good milk products – milk, low-fat yogurt, paneer, etc.


Since pregnancy is the most important part of life for women, consumption of the right diet is really important. Connect with the right gynecologist like Dr. Garima Tyagi who will help in giving the right advice about the diet consumption during pregnancy period.


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